Theft in Progress Stopped

Yesterday officers received a call from a department store that reported a theft in progress. The man allegedly stole two armfuls of clothing and sprinted out the
door and across the parking lot. Officers responded in a patrol car and one of our three new UTVs. Officers chased him across the entire complex and were able to block his path with the patrol car, causing him to drop all of his merchandise. He continued fleeing from officers in the UTV across a grassy area that was completely fenced in. Ultimately he was tackled and taken back to the office. He was trespassing and charged with theft. Police were summoned because his identity could not be confirmed. Turns out he provided false information and he is a felon that has been on the run from his probation officer. During his processing, he revealed to us he ingested 8 $20 bags of heroin and wasn’t feeling well… Fire and EMS were called to evaluate him. He fought with officers and the medics and was transported to the hospital. After having his stomach pumped he is now in jail. Its true what they say, if you run you’ll only go to jail tired.