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Security Services serving Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, and Florida.

We offer security officers in Columbus and throughout the state of Ohio to protect your property or business, whether you need to hire a guard for a day or indefinitely. This can be by your choice of on-site security or security officers that arrive by patrol vehicle, perform a site security check or walk-thru of a business that is open, and can stop back as many times as the client desires. By default, we offer uniformed, armed security officers, but we do offer unarmed officers and “plain clothes” officers as needed. Officers and security guards are available for hire for special events—such as weddings and graduations—in Columbus and the surrounding Central Ohio counties: Delaware County, Licking County, Fairfield County, Pickaway County, Madison County, and Union County. We also offer emergency security needs that can be hired for intermittent or permanent work. We also provide alarm response service and response for needs by high-risk industries such as ATM technicians working on open machines or clients who need a money escort.


Armed or Unarmed Officers depending on your needs. By default, armed personnel are assigned to each client. Most of our officers are current law enforcement/military personnel, have recently retired from those professions, or possess extensive training and experience in the security industry.


Some clients prefer to have a security presence without a firearm, either due to a corporate policy or personal preference. We can accommodate those needs by providing you an unarmed security officer. These types of services usually end up being more of an “observe and report” type of service rather than an “enforcement and apprehension” service, which is offered with the armed officer service in Columbus, Ohio.


Uniformed officers wear a uniform similar to a police officer’s uniform to provide easy identification and to broadcast a message that this particular property is being monitored. By default, all of our officers are uniformed whether they are assigned to your site or if they are part of a patrol route.


Our officers can be deployed covertly so as to better blend in with your other customers, employees, tenants, or guests. This service is better when there is a specific goal in mind, such as monitoring what goes on when there is no security or administrative staff to monitor the people on your property in your absence. This can also be useful in bodyguard situations, money escorts, etc.


  • Multiple / Large Locations can be patrolled to cut the cost of stationing an officer at each of a complex or properties. These mobile patrols can check the integrity of locked gates, doors, provide a visual presence in parking lots and garages, offer assistance to motorists and pedestrians on your property such as vehicle unlocks or tire changes, respond to calls for assistance or emergencies, check alarms before the police are called, etc.
  • Vehicle Unlocking if an employee or guest is locked out of his or her vehicle, we can attempt to unlock it using state of the art tools that are designed to prevent damage, make entry quick, and would only be doing so after verifying ownership or permission to unlock it.
  • Warning Lights our vehicles are outfitted with warning lights to ensure everyone knows your property is protected, and can be used continually or only as needed for traffic conditions on your property.


  • Control Rooms to control CCTV systems, electronic locks, etc.
  • Employee Entrances to verify identification, escort terminated employees off property, etc.
  • Gatehouses to control vehicular traffic access to your property, give directions to delivery drivers, and turn away unauthorized persons.
  • Loading Docks to regulate access, monitor employee activities such as theft of product; ensure safety precautions are adhered to, etc.
  • Main Lobbies to welcome and direct people as well as regulate access, issue visitor passes, etc.
  • Mobile Patrol – Officers can patrol your property by patrol vehicle or by golf cart.
  • Foot Patrol – Officers can patrol the interior and/or exterior of your property on foot, which is popular in many apartment communities.


We cover many different events including:

  • Flea Markets
  • Gun Shows
  • Jewelry Exhibits
  • And More

All of the events may warrant security for the duration. We are up to the job!


Loss Prevention officers can patrol your business as a deterrent to employee and guest thefts or shoplifting. Most retail theft is internal. Your employees get comfortable knowing the routines of your business. Often times it starts on a small scale with a register till not matching at the end of the shift, then progresses to major theft of cash or merchandise. Although it is unfortunate, many retailers will be able to fully fund their security contract with the money they will save by having the security in place. As stated, most of our officers are also law enforcement officers and our combined years of service give you many decades of experience identifying the criminal element.


Fire Watch officers can be dispatched to any location, which has recently been ordered by the local fire department to be under a fire watch. Usually this is the result of a fire alarm or suppression system malfunction, a recent fire incident, or some fire code violations. These situations can be very costly to a Columbus business owner if it is forced to close while the systems are fixed, repairs are made, or code violations are corrected. Our officers are all trained for these situations, will meet your required number of fire watch personnel as prescribed by the fire department, and will respond in a timely manner to keep you open for business.


This service is usually in conjunction with a “Vehicle Patrol Route” service where officers randomly check on your property during time frames you prescribe. In the event of an alarm drop at one of your locations, we can radio dispatch an armed officer to respond to that alarm and investigate, which usually ends up being upwards of 30 minutes faster than a police response in some jurisdictions.


ATM technicians and other service personnel operating in high-risk situations can request our services in Columbus. Usually we require an hour or two lead time to arrange for an armed officer to travel to a designated area to meet your technician, go in with them to the job site and provide security while they perform their work. Travel time and a minimum two-hour block of service are required.

Hiring an armed or un-armed security guard in Columbus, Ohio has never been easier. If you’re interested in hiring one of our guards, or just want to get some more information on security guard hire prices, give us a call today at (877) 427-4660.